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Read Instructions and Eligibility Criteria given in the prospectus carefully before registration.
# Do not prefix the title such as Shri / Smt. / Mr. / Mrs. / Dr. etc. along with names.

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Categories other than General
Scheduled Castes
Scheduled Tribes
Backward Classes (Not OBC)
Son/Daughter/Spouse of such Defence personnel and CAPF personnel who died in action. (Only those who were wholly dependent on such personnel shall be considered)
Son/Daughter/Spouse as are wholly dependent on such Defence Personnel and CAPF Personnel who were incapacitated/died while in service
Defence and CAPF personnel who were incapacitated while in service
Son/daughter/spouse of ex-servicemen who are wholly dependent on them
Son/daughter/spouse of serving Defence personnel and CAPF who are wholly dependent on them
Serving Defence personnel and CAPF personnel
Persons with Disability
Only Girl Child/One Out of the Only Two Girl Children
Riot/Terrorist Victim
Freedom Fighter
Wards of Kashmiri Displaced Persons
Wards of Martyrs/Permanent Disabled of Kargil War
Cancer, AIDS and Thalassemia Patients
Foreign Nationals
Rural Area Students
Border Area Students
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